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Women and Diversity in Local Government


This is the official webpage of the Westmeath County Council project for increasing the participation of women and people of diversity in local government. Westmeath County Council recognises that more women and people from diverse backgrounds are needed to lend their voice to decision making in the County, where we can all live in a society that is more inclusive, diverse, and where balanced decision making takes place to promote the sustainable development of all of our communities. As a local authority service provider, Westmeath County Council seeks to provide access to all that we offer on an equal basis, and need the members of our community from all backgrounds to step up and to have their voice heard!

The 2024 Local Elections are an excellent opportunity for new and upcoming candidates who represent the women and diverse members of our community to create the change needed for diversifying the political fabric of our County. Westmeath County Council will offer informational material and guidance on where to avail of the necessary supports to run for election, and will regularly update this dedicated webpage with the latest developments. As part of our current efforts, we have created an informational video and booklet detailing the experiences of our current female councillors, how to get involved in decision making, how to familiarise yourself with voting in the local elections, and more!

Westmeath County Council have been successful in their proposal for funding from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage for facilitating this project, and will continue to engage with the Department to apply for further funding that can be used to support the participation of women and people from diverse backgrounds in local government structures and decision making in Westmeath. This is in line with our shared goal with the Department and supports the Programme for Government – ‘Our Shared Future'.

Video: A More Inclusive Politics for Westmeath


 Booklet: A More Inclusive Politics for Westmeath - Booklet


 For supports and guidance on how you could run for election in the next 2024 local elections, please visit the See Her Elected (SHE) website, whose expertise will equip you with the relevant skills and know-how for your journey in local politics.

 SHE Guidebook