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Register to vote

In order to vote, you must be at least 18 and must have been ordinarily resident in Ireland on 1 September. You also need to register with your Local Authority.


Are you already registered?

You can check if you are registered, and if your details are correct, on checktheregister.ie or by contacting our Franchise Section.


How to Register

To register to vote, or to change your details, you need to complete a form and send it to our Franchise Section. There are different forms for making different changes to the Register, such as registering for the first time, updating your details, or applying for a postal vote.  [More Information on Voting and Elections]

You can download these forms from checktheregister.ie, access them here, or request them in person from the County Council offices on Mount Street, Mullingar or Church Street, Athlone.

When you register, you might be asked for documents, such as copies of your birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalisation, to prove you are eligible to vote.


Deadlines and Important Dates

You must be ordinarily resident in Ireland on 1 September if you want to vote in the following year.

The Draft Register of Electors (that is, the draft of the register for the next year) is published on 1 November.

You can make corrections or add your name to the Draft Register until 25 November.

The new Register of Electors is published on 1 February.

The Register of Electors comes into force on 15 February.

The deadline for the Supplement to the Register is 7 May 2019.

The deadline for the Supplement to the Postal and Special Voters List is 28 April 2019.


Supplement to the Register

After the Register is published, you can still be added to a Supplement to the Register, or update your details on the Register, until two weeks before polling day (excluding Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday).

To be added to the Supplement, use an RFA2 form. 

To update your address, use an RFA3 form.

To be added to the Supplement to the Postal Voters list, use a PVS1 form (for physical illness or disability) or a PVS2 form (for circumstances of occupation).

RFA2 - Supplement to Register of Electors - English

RFA2 - Supplement to Register of Electors - Gaeilge

RFA3 - Change of Address - English

RFA3 - Change of Address - Gaeilge

PVS1 - Postal Supplement - Illness or Disability - Bilingual

PVS2 - Postal Supplement - Occupation or Student - English

PVS2 - Postal Supplement - Occupation or Student - Gaeilge

[More information]


Contact Us

You can send your application forms, and any questions you have, to our Franchise Section:

Franchise Section,

Westmeath County Council,

Áras an Chontae,

Mount Street,


N91 FH4N

Email: register@westmeathcoco.ie

Phone: 044 933 2000