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AMD March Monthly Meeting

06/03/2017 15:00 - Athlone Chambers

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Meeting Minutes



                                                                                                                              Civic Centre,

                                                                                                                              Church Street



1st March 2017


To Mayor & Each Member:


A Chara,


You are requested to attend the March Monthly Meeting of Athlone Municipal District which will be held in the Civic Centre, Church Street, Athlone at 3.00p.m. Monday, 6th March 2017



  1. Votes of congratulations/sympathy.
  1. To approve the Minutes of February Monthly Meeting held on 6th February 2017.

Minutes Feb 2017 AMD Meeting

  1. Matters arising.
  1. To receive report on Housing Maintenance.
  1. To consider and approve grants from the Festival and Event fund.

Festival & Events 2017 Festival & Events Table

  1. To nominate a Member to Athlone Rapid Area Implementation Team.
  1. To consider the Roads Programme for 2017.
  1. To receive an update on the Acquisition of Lands for the Railway Field Road.
  1. Questions: The answers to questions raised will be circulated to each Member.

    10. Correspondence.

  1. Motions:

          a)   Cllr. T. Farrell:

                “That Athlone Municipal District considers creating a car compound for abandoned cars”

          b)  Cllr. T. Farrell:

                “That Athlone Municipal District considers installing a zebra crossing on the old Dublin Road near the Shack and shop units”

          c)  Cllr. T. Farrell:

               “That Athlone Municipal District considers the use of smart bins as a way of reducing costs of Litter Management in the area”

         d)   Cllr. A. McManus:

              “That this Municipal District provides a detailed update on the status of the Clonbrusk Watermain replacement”

         e)  Cllr. A. McManus :

              “That this Municipal District replaces and upgrades the lights on the bridge”

         f)  Cllr. A. McManus:

              “That Athlone Municipal District supports the designation of a growth centre in the Midlands, to ensure that it develops to its full potential.

         g)  Cllr. M. O’Brien:

              “That Athlone Municipal District lease council land at Clara Road, Moate to Moate Celtic Football Club for the purpose of playing and club        facilities”

         h)    Cllr. M. O’Brien:

             “That Athlone Municipal District provide CCTV along the urban stretch of the Greenway from Garrycastle to the White Gates in Athlone and Station Road to Lake Road in Moate, in the interest of public safety”

          i)   Cllr. M. O’Brien:

              “That Athlone Municipal District completes the new footpath on Ballycumber Road, Moate.

         j)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

              “That this Municipal District establishes a pilot scheme for bicycle hire in Moate and seeks expressions of interest in the running of such a pilot scheme”

         k)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

              “That this Municipal District erects crash barriers on the Athlone Road from Mount Temple before Flanagans”

         l)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

              “That this Municipal District actively support the submission for the establishment of a Midlands Region in the new National Planning Framework ‘Ireland 2040’

         m)   Cllr. F. Keena:

                “That Athlone Municipal District erect a memorial plaque in John Count McCormack Square in honour of those brave men of the A Company,  35th Battalion who took part in the siege of Jadotville in 1961 and to grant permission to the 2nd Infantry Battalion Association to hold a ceremony in this Square on Saturday 21st October 2017 at 1400 hrs to mark Jadotville Day”

          n)    Cllr. F. Keena:

                “That Athlone Municipal District immediately writes to Minister Shane Ross and the management of Bus Eireann outlining deep concerns on the planned proposals to close the 021 Athlone - Westport Expressway Bus Route”

           o)    Cllr. F. Keena:

                 “That Athlone Municipal District undertakes a streetscape plan / business study from Dunnes Stores in Irishtown to the Castlemaine Street Roundabout with the intention of enhancing this area for existing businesses and residents and to encourage new businesses to occupy any vacant units along these streets”

          p)    Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

                “For this Municipal District to work with Athlone IT and Students Union to provide a new bus shelter on the R916 to the east of the college campus on the Garrycastle Road”

          q)    Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

                 “For this Municipal District to consider implementing a new traffic light controlled junction to replace the roundabout at the Luan Gallery / Athlone Castle”

          r)    Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

                “For this Municipal District to write to Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and to Minister of State for Housing, Damien English to express this District's strong view that the current criteria for qualification under the Tenant Purchase Scheme is unworkable and unreasonable and needs to be revised”

          s)    Cllr. P. Hogan:

                 “That Athlone Municipal District provide a cardboard recycling receptacle at all glass recycling units”

          t)    Cllr. P. Hogan:

                “That Athlone Municipal District in association with the National Transport Authority consider the provision of a public bike share scheme akin to similar schemes rolled out by other Local Authorities for use on the Greenway”

          u)    Cllr. P. Hogan:

                 “That the Members be updated on the Waterfront Strategy”


  1. AOB



Mise le meas,


Frank Dolan

District Administrator

Athlone Municipal District


Tel. 09064 42113