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River Shannon in the Athlone Area - 27 February

Water levels in the River Shannon are continuing to rise slowly.

The Council is in receipt of an ESB forecast of river levels for the next 5 days and this is indicating that the River Shannon in Athlone will continue to rise up to Sunday 1 March 2020. The highest predicted level is 39.30m OD, which is approximately 6cm above current levels.

The combination of permanent and temporary flood defences in Athlone town is proving to be effective in preventing significant flooding and it is anticipated that the predicted rise of 6cm by Sunday 1 March will not cause major difficulties in the town.

However, the inundation of rural areas adjacent to the Shannon is causing major issues for rural residents and farmers. Assistance is being provided to people in these areas and this will be widened as the need arises in terms of transport and other services over the coming days.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 27/02/2020