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Put a helmet on your head or end up in a hospital bed!

Put a helmet on your head or end up in a hospital bed!- Road Safety slogans from 8-10 year olds

When challenged to think of Road Safety by Westmeath County Library Service and the Westmeath County Council Road Safety Officer, the 8-10 years olds of Westmeath responded with catchy slogans, colourful posters and an awareness that Road Safety effects all sorts of road users. The winning entries included tractors and vans, cyclists and pedestrians. The theme of Be Safe Be Seen not only was applied to walkers and cyclists but also provided reminders to drivers to use their lights, saying Stay in sight, keep on your light.


The winners of the 8-10 year old category included: Adam Moore, Caoimhe Ginnell, Ellie May Scally, Jack Fagan, Juste Kacerqiute, Laura Forbes, Liam O’Mairtin, Lily Bennett, Paul Lynn, Poppy Tansley, Rachel Murphy, Sophie Glennon and Trian Leslie.


Colm Smith, Road Safety Officer joined the Cathaoirleach of Westmeath County Council, Cllr. John Shaw at a special prizegiving on Weds. 20th December.  As Road Safety Officer, Colm admitted to being hugely impressed by the range of topics covered, and the creativity and imagination used to deliver the various road safety messages on display.


The winning entries can be viewed on the Westmeath County Library facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/WestmeathLibrary/

Road Safety Competition 8-10 Group 1

Road Safety Competition 8-10 Group 2

Road Safety Competition 8-10 Group 3

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 04/01/2018