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Press Release for Mullingar e-Working Centre

Press Statement
On SHOWCASE DAY 2023 the Connected Hubs network will put on display the incredible variety and regional diversity of the national hub network with a focus on promoting why their hub and locality are great places for investment, innovation driven enterprises and remote workers. This open day is taking place in support of the Government’s national campaign promoting Remote Work.
As part of this national initiative our hub Mullinagr e-Working Centre is running an open day coffee morning and information session with TUS Flexible Learning about their new Certificate in Business in Entrepreneurship in collaboration with TUS Learning Gates, on Wednesday 26th April 2023, between 10.00-11.30am.
Open day tours to enable to see what's on offer: 
☕Coffee morning with the hub manager and co-working community
☕Tour of our meeting rooms and co-working offices
Our Shocase Day Initiatives is ideal for: 
��Local businesses
��Remote workers
��Community groups
��Businesses looking for private offices
��Co-workers for our shared hot desk space

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 06/04/2023