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Press Release: An Exhibition by Jill Parkinson

Do you know that a collection of crows is called a murder? Or that a group of pandas is referred to as an embarrassment of pandas? These are examples of the strange and wonderful collective nouns that are assigned to groups of animals. These also provided the inspiration for the latest exhibition by local artist Jill Parkinson., currently on display in the Aidan Heavey Library, Athlone.
Jill explores these animal collectives through a beautiful series of Linocut prints. 50% of all the artwork sold in this exhibition will be donated to East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support.
Jill’s distinctive artwork has previously been exhibited as part of the Athlone Arts Group. She also illustrated Reedbound, A year in Ireland’s Waterways by Giles Byford.
The exhibition was launched on Thursday 22 June and runs until Thurdsday 29 June. Access is free and open to all. Contact 090-644 217 with queries.
Westmeath Libraries is delighted to support local artists with small scale exhibitions. So if you are interested in exhibiting a collection in your locality, why not consider your library - a welcoming space for all.
For details of Westmeath Libraries and forthcoming events, please visit: www.westmeathculture.ie

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 28/06/2023