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Preparation of the Westmeath County Development Plan

The preparation of a new County Development Plan for Westmeath is underway with the commencement of an 8 week public consultation period that takes place from 16th February until the 12th April 2018.

The County Development Plan is an important policy document that has the potential to directly impact every individual and group living and working in County Westmeath. The Plan details the overall strategy of the Council for the proper planning and sustainable development of Westmeath over a six year period 2020-2026.

It is important to note that the County Development Plan will also influence capital investment, by both public and private sectors and direct the provision of important infrastructure. It will detail how the needs of our growing population will be met and how our natural and built heritage will be protected for future generations while examining our role in adapting to the impact of climate change. The new plan shall also introduce a number of new initiatives to support sustainable communities with an emphasis on place-making centred on positive urban planning and design to enhance the living environment for the people of Westmeath. The preparation of the Westmeath County Development Plan 2020-2026 provides an opportunity for all citizens, businesses, community groups and stakeholders across Westmeath to have their say on the future growth of the County.

Development Plan making involves a series of stages and at each stage the public has an opportunity to input into the process. Submissions on the Plan can only be accepted within a prescribed timeframe. The public will be notified of the submission period for each stage of the Plan by adverts in the local press and updates on the County Council website.

The first stage of the Plan is an invitation to the public to make submissions regarding the general direction of future policies. Requests or proposals for the zoning of particular land for any purpose shall not be considered at this stage. To facilitate discussion, an Issues Paper has been prepared outlining key policy areas to assist consideration and prompt debate.  The issues papers are not restricted to the main topics presented, but have been designed to assist participation in the process and allow everyone, from all sectors of the community, voice their opinion on what they consider to be the main issues facing County Westmeath and how they would like to see the County develop and grow in the future.

The process is quite simple - you can make a submission in writing,online or via email outlining what your opinion is on the issues facing the county at the present time. It is only through your engagement that the Council can produce a sustainable framework that shall be based on a shared vision to guide the future development of Westmeath. This is your opportunity to get involved in shaping the future of your County!

Full details of the preparation and how to make a submission.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 13/02/2018