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Land of Light - Tickets on Sale Now!

Hello and Welcome! We are delighted to announce Land of Light is back again for what we are hoping will be a magical, memorable experience which is sure to leave you mesmerized. Tickets are now on sale, and we are so excited to welcome you back in 2023!

We are back once more in the magnificent grounds of Belvedere House, Gardens & Park kicking off on Friday 10 November and running to Saturday 23 December 2023. At Land Of Light, we combine the beauty of nature and technology together through the use of lighting, music, and exciting features for all ages to enjoy. We believe everybody should get to enjoy Land of Light so will also be holding our annual special sensory evening for attendees with autism and other sensory processing disorders. More information to come on this!

Now that our tickets are on sale, we are sending you this Land Of Light Information pack filled with news, updates, photos, and all the information you need before you make your visit. If you have a burning question about the event, chances are you will find the answer in here!

We hope you enjoy the read and we look forward to welcoming you really soon to Land of Light.

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! - https://www.tickettailor.com/events/landoflight/956960

What to expect at Land Of Light

Car Parking:

• Belvedere House and Gardens (limited parking)

• Mullingar Golf Club (Shuttle Service 2 minute distance from Belvedere)

• Black Hall Carpark (Shuttle service 7 minute distance from Belvedere)

* Professional 52 seater coaches are used for our shuttle service. These coaches can take children's buggies in undercarriage

We also have limited accessibility carparking available if required. Please email us at hello@landoflight.ie to request one of these spaces.

Upon Arrival:

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking slot to ensure you have plenty of time at Land Of Light and you can enjoy the full experience with us. Upon entrance, you will be greeted by a member of our team who will direct you to one of our car parking areas. Please have your tickets ready on your phone to be scanned by a member of the team. There is one QR code per booking. ID will be required for carers only as per our terms and conditions on landoflight.ie 

The Land Of Light Experience:

At Land Of Light, you will walk through a trail consisting of lights, music, and features immersed in nature. We recommend you give yourself an hour to walk through the trail so you can take your time and enjoy the experience - the trail is one way so once you complete it, you cannot access it multiple times. After the show, there will be plenty of space for you to sit down, have a bite to eat, and chat.

Directions to Land Of Light 2023:

From M4/N4 (Dublin/Kildare)

Take exit 15 off the N4 and turn left onto the N52. Continue on the N52 for approx. 10 minutes and Belvedere House will be on the right.

From M6 (Galway)

Take exit 4 off the M6 and head left onto the N52. Continue on the N52 for approx. 10 minutes and Belvedere House will be on the left.

From N4 (Sligo)

Take exit 15 off the N4 and turn right onto the N52. Continue on the N52 for approx. 10 minutes and Belvedere House will be on the right.

From N80/N52 (Laois/Offaly)

Turn right onto M6 and take exit 4 off the M6. Head left onto the N52. Continue on the N52 for approx. 10 minutes and Belvedere House will be on the left.

From N52 (Dundalk)

Head straight on the N52 towards Mullingar. Turn left onto the N4 and turn right onto the N52. Continue on the N52 for approx. 10 minutes and Belvedere House will be on the right.

See exactly where Land of Light is located here - https://bit.ly/3OlRvib

Things to know when coming to Land Of Light:

You may be wondering is there anything that should be known before visiting Land Of Light and have questions about what to wear, bring, and services on site. We have all the answers for you! 

Weather: With the event being outdoors and held in the winter months, we recommend you wrap up well to keep warm. Raincoats are also a must considering the typical Irish rainy weather. We also suggest you wear suitable shoes for walking along our forest trails. This event will go ahead in all weathers so do wrap up!!!

What to bring: Other than good clothing and maybe a torch, just bring your ticket and yourselves!

What about photos? While drones are prohibited at Land Of Light, cameras are allowed for sure. In fact, we encourage you to take as many snaps as possible and share them across our socials with the hashtag #LandOfLight

What happens if I cannot make it to Land of Light?

While we don't offer a refund at Land of Light, we are more than happy to arrange a change of date for you if you contact us by email. We can also allow you to keep your tickets for Land Of Light 2024 or gift/sell them to a friend or family member instead.


***We also have gift vouchers available at Land Of Light this year***


Services Near Land of Light:

At Land Of Light, we are well aware of the importance of knowing nearby services such as petrol stations, shops, and accommodation when attending events. After all, you can’t be left stuck! Here’s all you need to know about services nearby to Land Of Light.

Mullingar is the nearest town to Belvedere House, Gardens & Park which is situated no more than a 10-minute drive away. There you can find shops, ATM machines, cafes, restaurants, and petrol stations.

While there is no accommodation available at Land Of Light, we recommend you try some of the following options:

  • Annebrook House Hotel
  • Bloomfield House Hotel, Leisure Club & Spa
  • Fairways B&B
  • Greville Arms Hotel
  • Lough Bawn House
  • Lough Owel Lodge
  • Marlintown Court
  • Mullingar B&B
  • Mullingar Park Hotel
  • Newbury Hotel

We have toilets located onsite at Land Of Light with wheelchair friendly toilets & baby changing facilities also available. We also have a selection of hot food, drinks, and snacks available at Land of Light for you to enjoy!

***We are a Dog Friendly Event*** 

We are delighted to inform you that Land of Light is a dog-friendly event. If you would like to bring your dog along please email us in advance at hello@landoflight.ie 

Health & Safety at Land of Light:

At Land Of Light, we have put in different measures to ensure you not only have an enjoyable visit but a safe one.

Missing Child Procedure - Lost children will be brought to the First Aid Point in all instances and parents will be directed to go there when their child is reported lost. Note: All personnel will be instructed not to accompany or be in the presence of a minor without the presence of another personnel member.

Smoking - Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the Land Of Light event.

First Aid Staff – We have a medical van on site and trained medical staff who are on hands to deal with any accidents that occur at Land Of Light. In the highly unlikely event of an emergency, we ask that you follow the instructions of the event team and stewards.

Prohibited Items – Due to being a family-friendly event, alcohol is not permitted at Land of Light. We would ask that you do not bring any items that could either obstruct the view of others such as umbrellas and flags, or items which could potentially cause danger or harm to others.

For further information or queries, please contact hello@landoflight.ie




Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 24/07/2023