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Electors with Physical Illness or Physical Disability

Presidential Election and Referendum on the Thirty-Seventh Amendment to the Constitution (Repeal of Offence of Publication or Utterance of Blasphemous Matter) Bill 2018

Friday 26 October 2018

Electors with a physical illness or physical disability, whose names are not on the postal or special voters list, and who may have difficulty gaining access to his or her local polling station, may apply to have his or her vote transferred to a more accessible polling station in their constituency. This facility is intended to assist electors who find access to their local polling station difficult because of the situation or design of the building.

In order to avail of the facility, an elector should apply in writing to the local returning officer for his or her constituency by Friday, 19 October 2018 at the latest.

A special application form is not necessary. If possible, the elector should suggest an alternative polling station in the constituency which is both suitable and convenient to him or her.

Contact details for the local returning officer for each constituency can be found at www.presidentialelection.ie or www.referendum.ie, or by calling the Franchise Section at LoCall: 1890-20-20-21 or 01-888-2424.




Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 08/10/2018