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Draft Scheme for the Establishment of SPCs June 2019

The Corporate Policy Group (CPG) and Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) system recognises that Elected Members should be engaged in Councils' policy formulation at an early stage. It also seeks to broaden the level of involvement in local government through the participation of a wide range of sectoral interests.
The SPC structure was originally established following the 1999 local elections and the Government's Action Programme for Effective Local Government acknowledged the success of this system and envisages that these structures are reviewed and strengthened in the context of the reform of local government.
The statutory basis for the establishment of the CPG and SPCs is set out in the Local Government Act, 2001, as amended by the Local Government Reform Act 2014.
Following the 2019 Local Elections, it is necessary for each County and City Council to establish a new CPG and SPCs in line with Guidelines published by the Department of Environment Community and Local Government in June 2014 entitled: Corporate Policy Groups and Strategic Policy Committees, Guidelines for establishment and operation.
Following consideration of this draft scheme for Westmeath County Council Corporate Policy Group and Strategic Policy Committees by the Council, it is proposed to consult with relevant stakeholders including:
a) The Public Participation Network (PPN)
b) Sectoral interests
c) The public through an advertisement in local media and on the Council’s website
d) Copies of draft scheme will be made available in the Council’s public offices
Following consideration of submissions received on the draft scheme, amendments deemed appropriate will be made and the Council will then consider adoption of the revised scheme. On adoption of the scheme, the Council will then seek nominations for SPC Membership.
The CPG, in consultation with the Chief Executive, will continue to monitor the operation of the SPC system to ensure its efficient and effective operation during the life of the Council.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 27/06/2019