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Do you use a bin collection service in Westmeath?

If so then you’ll need to know that Bin Tags are no longer acceptable because Household Waste Collectors are obliged by law to move to an incentivised payment scheme.

This means that you must arrange an agreed payment plan with your Waste Collector to have your household waste collected.

If you have purchased tags that will not be used by 1st March 2018, you should contact your Waste Collector to arrange a credit to be placed on your account.

All waste collectors are required to provide a brown bin for food/organic waste in localities with a population greater than 500 people. This will help you divert waste from your black bin and reduce your costs as the brown bin is cheaper.

Contact your Waste Collector today and plan to save on your waste disposal and protect the environment.

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 09/02/2018