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Decarbonising Zone for the County of Westmeath

Westmeath county council has completed the process of assessing a suitable Decarbonising Zone for the County, Mullingar has been nominated as the Decarbonising Zone for the County of Westmeath.  
Mullingar will become an important testbed for the various strategies plans and ideas, that will contribute to the overall target for the country to become carbon neutral by 2050.  The nomination of a Decarbonising Zone (DZ) for the county of Westmeath is a specific duty on the Local Authority and comes from the 2019 Climate Action Bill.
A Decarbonising Zone (DZ) is defined as a spatial area in which a range of climate mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity measures and action owners are identified to address local low carbon energy, greenhouse gas emissions and climate needs to contribute to national climate action targets.
Westmeath county council would like to thank the various community groups throughout the county that engaged in the public consultation process.
All enquires in relation to the process can be made to the Environment Section at environment@westmeathcoco.ie

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 29/06/2021