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Community Community Enhancement Programme - Men’s Sheds fund

Following discussion with the Irish Men’s Shed Association, the Department of Rural and Community Development (“the Department”) has decided to allocate €0.5m to fund capital equipment or minor capital works in Men’s Sheds.

This is a ring-fenced fund, under the existing Community Enhancement Programme. The application process is being administered by Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs). Applications for this ring-fenced funding can be made on this application form. All Men’s Sheds in Ireland that are affiliated with the Irish Men’s Shed Association are eligible to apply. In addition, applications that were made using the main CEP application form will also be considered.

It envisaged that this funding would, in general, be allocated in a relatively equal manner across Men’s Sheds that submit valid applications. To provide guidance on what this equates to, the total of €0.5m is approximately €1,449 per existing Men’s Shed. This should be used for guidance only, as not all Men’s Sheds might apply, or some might apply for an amount less than the €1,449, or some might apply for funding for an unsuitable project.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 22/08/2018