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Report road issues

Info! Use our online form to make us aware of any problem with a road, pavement, cycle path, public right of way, street light, traffic light or a motorway flooding incident.


Potholes occur where part of the surface of the road has broken up and fallen out. We carry out regular safety inspections on the roads we are responsible for to find and repair potholes.

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Road Markings

Road markings and cats-eyes are used to define roads, bus and cycle lanes, and traffic calming schemes.

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Traffic Sign Maintenance

Signs are inspected for safety and in response to reports from the public.

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Trees and Hedges

Trees and hedges provide a valuable amenity for the public and wildlife but they can become a serious hazard for road users if they become unstable or decay, or if they encroach on to pavements, roads or visibility splays.

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Obstructions on Road and Pathways

They can be a hazard for highway users, particularly those who are elderly, blind or disabled.

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In Writing

In Writing: Westmeath County Council Áras An Chontae, Mount Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath N91 FH4N Please note by calling or completing the online form your complaint will reach us quickly.