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Applications and permits

Bus/Coach Stop Application

Application Form to use Bus/Coach Stop 

Road Opening Licence

Note An application for a Road Opening Licence must be made via the Maproad Roadworks Licensing System. This System is facilitated and supported by the Road Management Office.  All applicants must register in advance through the RMO and must submit evidence of compliant Insurances in the required format. You can register as a new Applicant here, and user queries can be directed to support@mrl.jitbit.com

Temporary Road Closure Application

For approval to temporarily close a public road to traffic

Temporary Roadworks Speed Limit

Application form for Temporary Roadworks Speed Limit

Temporary Sign Installations

Application for the erection of temporary signage

Abnormal Load Application Form  

For approval to transport an abnormal load on a public road such as a large indivisible load which exceeding legal limits or exceeding legal gross weight limits

HGV Permit Application Form

Where it is proposed to use a vehicle with 5 axles or more on a road which has restrictions in place for such vehicles, a permit must be obtained from the relevant local authority.

Special Permit for Off Road Dumpers

Application for Special Permit for Off Road Dumpers in County

Roads and Services in Charge

How to get confirmation that Roads & Services are/are not in charge - Bus/Coach Stop Application

Licence for Advertisement Sign on Public Road

Licence for Advertisement Sign on Public Road

Community Involvement Scheme Application Form

This scheme encourages a joint approach (on a voluntary basis) with groups of local residents and landowners for the restoration of public roads that are lightly trafficked, single lane or cul de sac roads and may also link two local primary roads or two local secondary roads...READ MORE

Local Improvement Scheme Application From

A Local Improvement Scheme is a scheme for carrying out improvement works on private/non-public roads. The proposed works must be necessary and not simply maintenance of the kind that applicants could do themselves...READ MORE