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Applications and permits

Bus/Coach Stop Application

Application Form to use Bus/Coach Stop Bus Stopping Place - Application Form 2021

For the use of an existing bus stopping place please reference existing bus stop number ( Association of Transport Coordination Officers Code) and location by accessing the list of current locations via the link below.

Bus Stop Location Map click link

Road Opening Licence

Note An application for a Road Opening Licence must be made via the Maproad Roadworks Licensing System. This System is facilitated and supported by the Road Management Office.  All applicants must register in advance through the RMO and must submit evidence of compliant Insurances in the required format. You can register as a new Applicant here, and user queries can be directed to support@mrl.jitbit.com

Details of charges for Road Opening Licences are available on the RMO website which are broken down by Authority. See attached link: http://www.rmo.ie/road-licensing-charges.html 

Temporary Road Closure Application Form 2021

Temporary Road Closure Explanatory Notes 2021

For approval to temporarily close a public road to traffic

Temporary Roadworks Speed Limit

Application form for Temporary Roadworks Speed Limit

Temporary Sign Installations

Application for the erection of temporary signage

Abnormal Load Application Form (Including dump truck and off-road vehicles)

For approval to transport an abnormal load on a public road such as a large indivisible load which exceeding legal limits or exceeding legal gross weight limits.  PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION - APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT RECEIPT NUMBER.   THE ATTACHED APPLICATION FORM MUST BE USED. Abnormal Load Application Form 2021

HGV Permit Application Form

Where it is proposed to use a vehicle with 5 axles or more on a road which has restrictions in place for such vehicles, a permit must be obtained from the relevant local authority.  Find form attached here HGV Permit Application Form

Roads and Services in Charge

How to get confirmation that Roads & Services are/are not in charge 

Licence for Advertisement Sign on Public Road

Licence for Advertisement Sign on Public Road

Community Involvement Scheme - CLOSED

Community Involvement Scheme for the Maintenance and Repair of Local Public Roads & Footpaths

Expressions of interest

The Department of Transport provides funding nationally towards this scheme to encourage local communities to get involved in the restoration and maintenance of local public roads and footpaths. Local authorities do not have the funds to carry out desirable maintenance works to all roads in their charge. The purpose of this initiative is to maximise the resources available for local road maintenance and is subject to a local community contribution of a minimum of 15% of the works costs.

Westmeath County Council invites expressions of interest from local communities who are interested in availing of this scheme.

Schemes will be assessed for inclusion in a programme of works for completion during 2021/2022, subject to the provision of funding and scheme conditions.

The closing date for receipt of applications WAS the 31st March 2021.


Local Improvement Scheme - CLOSED

Department of Rural and Community Development Local Improvement Scheme.

Westmeath County Council is inviting applications for the Local Improvement Scheme which is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The 2021 Scheme, the terms and conditions of which have been revised, enables the carrying out of improvement works on private/non-public roads.

Eligible road projects are those that involve the construction or improvement of non-public roads as follows:

  • Road projects which provide access to parcels of land of which two or more are owned or occupied by different persons engaged in separate agricultural activities; or
  • Road projects which provide access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons; or
  • Road projects which provide access to at least one parcel of land owned or occupied by a person engaged in agricultural activities AND which separately provides access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for at least one other person.

Works can also be carried out on Amenity Roads leading to important community amenities such as graveyards, beaches, piers, mountain access points or other tourist/heritage sites. Such roads may not account for more than 25% of the allocation provided to each Local Authority.

Schemes must have the consent of all affected landholders and a financial contribution of 10% and 15% of the overall cost must be paid by the applicants prior to commencement of works on any project. The maximum amount that any beneficiary is required to contribute is capped at €1,200

Non-eligible road projects

The following road projects are not eligible for funding under the Scheme:

  • A road open to the public which only benefits one landowner.
  • A road serving only houses or buildings occupied or used by persons not engaged in agriculture.
  • A road serving only Local Authority properties.
  • A road leading to bogs developed commercially for large scale turf production.
  • Projects involving drainage works only.
  • A road leading to commercial enterprises.
  • A road involving minor works which is within the competence of the applicants to do themselves.
  • A road which, because of its small size, would involve work which the Local Authority would consider as being uneconomic to carry out.

The closing date for receipt of applications WAS the 30th June 2021.