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Westmeath CDP 2020-2026

This webpage is designed to keep you up-to-date with the process of the preparation of the Westmeath County Development Plan 2020-2026 through each stage until the completion of the Plan in two years time.

The preparation of the new plan is now underway with the commencement of an 8 week public consultation period that takes place from 16th February until the 12th April 2018.

Pre-Draft Westmeath County Development Plan 2020 – 2026 (Stage 1)


The purpose of the Development Plan is to provide a strategic framework, setting out key policies and objectives for a new integrated land use strategy, and the proper planning and sustainable development of the county. The Development Plan is designed to set out the key policy context for the development of the county and is set within a hierarchy of national and regional spatial plans and guidelines.

To initiate Stage 1 of the Plan making process, the Council prepared an Issues Paper booklet to present a broad overview of the main issues for consideration in this review process. The intention of the Issues Paper is to present a number of key questions to prompt debate on the issues facing County Westmeath. They do not purport to cover all the issues but simply present some keys topics. Download the Issues Paper booklet

Pre-Draft Public Consultation


Following the publication of the National Planning Framework (N.P.F.) each region is now required to develop and adopt a Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy (R.S.E.S.) and all County Development Plans must be consistent with the R.S.E.S. when adopted.

In order to allow each County to align the timeframe for their statutory plans with the relevant R.S.E.S., the Planning & Development (Amendment) Act 2018 has been enacted and contains a provision that requires Planning Authorities to pause the statutory review process where it is in progress or to vary adopted plans immediately following adoption of the relevant R.S.E.S.

Taking the above into account, Westmeath County Council has temporarily paused the current review of the Draft Westmeath County Development Plan 2020-2026 pending the adoption of the R.S.E.S for the Eastern & Midland Regional Assembly area.