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The enforcement of planning decisions is the responsibility of the Planning Authority, which has wide enforcement powers to ensure development is carried out in conformity with planning permission and to halt and rectify unauthorised development. However, any legal action must be started within seven years of the breach of the planning laws taking place.

Care should be taken to ensure that each condition of a permission is fully complied with, in order to avoid incurring such action, and also to avoid difficulties when the property is being sold at a later date

Unauthorised Development is development and / or use of a structure that is in breach of the Planning Laws. We have a responsibility to ensure enforcement of the planning laws known as Planning Enforcement.

A development is unauthorised when:

  • Planning Permission is required and has not been obtained.
  • Planning Permission has been granted but the development is not been carried out in accordance with the plans lodged or conditions of the planning permission granted.
  • It does not comply with all the conditions and limitations to qualify a development as exempt.

If you are concerned about a development near you which you think does not have planning permission, please tell us.

What we can investigate

  • the erection, extension, alteration or demolition of buildings
  • changes of use of land or buildings
  • advertising signs
  • works to trees protected by tree preservation orders
  • works to Protected Structures
  • breaches of planning permission conditions

What we can't investigate

  • abandoned vehicles
  • dangerous structures
  • development on roads/pavements
  • fly-tipping
  • land boundaries or ownership disputes
  • neighbour disputes
  • smells, noise and pollution
  • works to party walls

Before you ask us to investigate any possible unauthorised development, use the online planning portal to check if the development has planning permission, or if it has conditions attached.

Making a complaint

You can complete our online form to report unauthorised development and ask us to investigate. 

Enforcement Complaint Form

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