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Laurence Ginnell: one hundred years later

In recent years, the Historian in Residence project has explored the careers of both Laurence and Alice Ginnell (née King). Laurence Ginnell died in the United States in April 1923, while advocating against the Anglo-Irish Treaty and on behalf of an Irish republic. He had lived a remarkable life, a life shared with Alice since their marriage in 1902.


Below we provide links to articles and podcasts that discuss aspects of both their careers:

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Laurence Ginnell, around 1920 (US Library of Congress)


Laurence Ginnell’s civil war propaganda

Paul Hughes describes Laurence Ginnell’s activities during the Civil War, with a particular focus on an event from July 1922.


Podcast: Laurence Ginnell–Part 1:the MP for Ireland

In this podcast, Paul Hughes explores Laurence Ginnell’s political successes in an interview with Ian Kenneally.


Podcast: Laurence Ginnell–Part 2: from Ireland to America

Paul Hughes speaks with Ian Kenneally about Ginnell’s career as an advocate for an Irish republic.


Alice Ginnell’s Civil War: December 1921 to July 1922

In this article Ian Kenneally follows Alice Ginnell’s career and life with Laurence Ginnell after the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.


Alice Ginnell’s Civil War: July 1922 to May 1923

Ian Kenneally writes about Alice Ginnell’s activities during the Irish Civil War.


Podcast: Alice Ginnell: activist and diplomat, 1916-1923

Anne Marie O’Brien explains to Ian Kenneally the role played by Alice King (later Ginnell) in Cumann na mBan, Sinn Féin and as part of Dáil Éireann’s international publicity efforts during the War of Independence.


Laurence Ginnell’s Chicago Mission, 1920-1921

Paul Hughes describes the mission undertaken by Laurence Ginnell, then TD for Westmeath and Director of Publicity in the First Dáil, during June 1920.


The occupation of the Irish consulate, New York, 27 December

John Gibney of the Royal Irish Academy discusses the day in which Laurence Ginnell seized the Irish consulate in New York in the name of ‘the Irish republic’.


The Life and Career of Alice Ginnell

Anne Marie O’Brien, author of The Ideal Diplomat? Women and Irish Foreign Affairs, 1946-90, discusses Alice Ginnell’s career between 1915 and 1923.


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