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Habitats and Environment

Good Practice Guidelines for Developers

Helps developers understand the importance of biodiversity and natural habitats and advise how biodiversity conservation can be integrated into the development process.

Guideline_Developers_Icon Good Practise Guidelines for Developers (446kB)

Good Practice Guidelines for Householders

Provides information about biodiversity and outlines simple steps to promote awareness of wildlife habitats and natural heritage.

Guidelines_Householders_Icon Good Practise Guidelines for Householders (523kB)

Good Practice Guidelines for Local Authorities

Advises local authority officers on biodiversity issues and promotes the consideration of biodiversity and natural heritage as part of the planning process.

Guidelines_Local_Authority_Icon Good Practise Guidelines for Local Authorities (490kB)

Plants of Westmeath

A publication which compiled the plants associated with Westmeath.

Westmeath_Plants_2_Icon Plants of Westmeath (486kB)

National Biodiversity Plan

Ireland’s National Biodiversity Plan, showing a range of measures and the time-scale within which they might be implemented.

National_Biodiversity_Plan_Icon National Biodiversity Plan (3,395kB)

Landscaping for Rural Housing

A guidance document which advises home owners, on the suitability of tree and shrub species for their gardens and promotes the use of native species in the rural setting.

landscaping-for-new-rural-houses-in-westmeath_Icon Landscaping for Rural Housing (2,585kB)