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Accessing ebooks from home

BorrowBox offers library members access to ebooks and eaudiobooks for free. Just make sure you have a valid library card and PIN number.

Follow our easy step by step instructions for using the BorrowBox application 

  • Step 1 – Log in

Online - From your library website log in to BorrowBox with your library ID/barcode and password/PIN.

App - Download the BorrowBox app. Select your library and enter your library ID/barcode and password/PIN.

  •  Step 2 – Search

Search, browse and discover our great collection 24/7, by title, author or category, listen to excerpts and more.

  •  Step 3 – Borrow

Confirm your choice or reserve a title for later.

  •  Step 4 – Download

Download the complete eAudiobook instantly. 

When reserved titles are ready to download the title will be automatically loaned to you and we'll let you know that it's ready via email.

lf you need more time to finish listening, simply renew the title during your loan period.

  •  Step 5 – Enjoy

Enjoy listening to the most popular eAudiobooks from your favourite authors everywhere you go.


Borrowbox user guide

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 18/03/2021