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Long Term Leasing

This scheme is broadly similar to the Rental Accommodation Scheme in that it allows the council to lease properties from the private sector which can be used to accommodate households from our housing waiting lists however households do not have to have been in receipt of Rent Supplement in order to be eligible for consideration.

Under the scheme, we negotiate availability contracts with landlords for the use of their properties for medium to long term use whereby the Council to provide accommodation.

Similar to the RAS scheme this offers advantages for the Council, the Landlord and the Tenant – see details within RAS Scheme.

Properties must be of good quality and can be new or previously occupied. Each local authority and approved housing body will also assess the suitability of properties proposed with reference to the housing needs that have been identified for that area.

In return, the local authority or approved housing body will enter into a legal arrangement with the owner for the use of the property for an agreed term and guarantee rent payments for the term of the lease.

If you are already a tenant in a private property, have been approved onto our housing waiting list or think you may be eligible for approval onto the housing list you should discuss this scheme with your landlord who if interested should contact us –see further information below.

Properties sourced and leased under the lease scheme will be allocated to applicants from the Housing waiting list in accordance with the existing Housing Allocation Scheme - Adopted June 2022

Further information for landlords and property owners

Local authorities and approved housing bodies are available to discuss proposals with owners of all types of properties who are interested in making properties available. The Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency (Housing Agency) is also available as a central contact point for enquires.

If you have a residential property and would be interested in leasing it for *10 years or more, you can:

  • Get guaranteed rent paid quarterly in advance.
  • Avoid losing rent during vacant periods.
  • Enjoy more free time without having to manage a tenant and maintain your property.
  • Escape the hassle of collecting rent and finding a new tenant.
  • Avoid advertising and maintenance costs.

*Shorter term ‘availability agreements’ are an option for property owners who want to enter into an agreement to make their property exclusively available to the local authority for an agreed period. With this agreement, the property owner becomes the landlord to the tenant allocated by the local authority and is responsible for all management and maintenance issues except rent collection. Brochure RAS & Leasing for property owners 2012 (125kB)

Next steps:

  1. Call us to discuss your property. We will advise if we have a need in the area where your property is located.
  2. Fill in the proposal form and send it to us, we will arrange to inspect your property.
  3. You will have to provide some documentation to us e.g. BER Certificate, Tax clearance certificate
  4. Once approved, we will enter into a lease with you for the use of the property for an agreed term.

Expression of Interest

RAS & Leasing Expression of Interest Application