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Business waste information

A guide to businesses to improve management of their various waste streams.

Green Hospitality (149kB)

The Business Guide to Wise Waste Management (376kB) aims to provide practical information and contacts to assist businesses to improve management of their various waste streams and to reduce the amount of waste being created. 

WEEE Registration Scheme

ERP (European Recycling Platform) are responsible for electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) collection and recycling in Westmeath.

  • Retailers register free of charge
  • The scheme is open to all retailers whether they sell electronic goods/batteries as part of their ongoing stock or for a limited time only. 
  • For more information retailers should visit  here or to register contact email

Packaging Waste

The Waste Management Packaging Regulations were introduced to assist Ireland achieve national packaging recovery targets. A 60% recovery targets is now set for all packaging waste by December 2011.

The Regulations place obligations on companies (Producers) that place packaging, packaging material or packaged products on the Irish market. They must segregate their packaging waste arising on site into specified waste streams and ensure that it is recycled or recovered.

Producers with a turnover of €1m that place 10 tonnes of packaging on to the market (Major Producer) are further obligated to either join Repak or register with their Local Authority (Self Comply). For a list of REPAK members click  Repak .

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Mercury Regulations

The European Union (Mercury) Regulations (S.I. No. 533 of 2018) provide for the enforcement of the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/852.

Due to the wide-ranging nature of the said Mercury Regulations, they are enforced by a number of bodies including The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Revenue Commissioners, the Dental Council of Ireland and Local Authorities.

Local Authorities are the Competent Authority appointed for monitoring compliance requirements for dental facilities and handling of amalgam waste under Regulation 4.(1) and 4.(2) of S.I. No. 533 of 2018.

4.(1) Each local authority shall monitor compliance by operators of dental facilities situated within its functional area with the obligation in Article 10(4).

4.(2) Each local authority shall monitor compliance by dental practitioners situated within its functional area with the obligations in Article 10(6).

The Dental Council of Ireland has drawn up a Code of Practice booklet for the Dentistry Profession which can be accessed here.

Please find below declaration for completion by the Dentistry Profession which, upon completion, is to be submitted by email to MercuryRegulations@westmeathcoco.ie or may be submitted by post to the
Environment Department, Westmeath County Council, Mount St. Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, N91 FH4N.

All Mercury waste is to be disposed of by using the services of an authorised waste collector.

A public search facility is available here on the National Waste Collection Permit Office using EWC 06 04 04. Please ensure to retain all documentation on file for inspection purposes.

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Dental Surgery Self Declaration Mercury Regulations  (word)