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Columbarium Wall


Cremation is increasing in popularity in Ireland as an alternative to burial.

As more people are choosing to be cremated, Westmeath County Council has installed Columbarium Walls in both Municipal Districts.


Westmeath County Council Cemetery Byelaws apply to all burials.

No pre purchase shall be allowed in Columbarium Walls.

A maximum One Niche can be purchased at the time of death.

Cremated remains may be interred in an urn or small casket or other approved containers in conventional grave spaces.

Full details of the deceased person’s cremated remains must be recorded in the burial ground register.

Allocation of Niche Space

Westmeath County Council shall allocate Niche(s).

Opening of Niches

Access to niches is managed by way of bespoke key. The key shall be held by the Cemetery Caretaker and appropriate notice should be given to the Caretaker when the niche is required to be opened. A fee for opening the niche after the first interment is applied and this is to be paid in advance of opening and a request to be made in writing.

Removal of Cremated Remains

The request for removal of cremated remains from a niche must be made in writing to Westmeath County Council.

Engraving Inscriptions

As per the Bye Laws, inscriptions on columbarium walls or other facilities for cremated remains, shall be in accordance with Council policy.

Engraving on the memorial plaque will be arranged by Westmeath County Council.

Number of Urns per Niche

Each niche is suitable for placement of two urns.

Flowers and Secondary Monuments

No flowers or secondary monuments shall be permitted on or near niches.


Each niche holds 2 urns 

Niche inclusive of 1st opening


Engraving – cost per engraving


Subsequent opening


Subsequent engraving


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