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Report dog fouling

Dog fouling

Dog owners must remove their pets' waste from public places and dispose of it in a proper manner.

This obligation applies to the following places:

  • Public roads and footpaths
  • Areas around shopping centres 
  • School and sport grounds 
  • Beaches 
  • The immediate area surrounding another persons house 
  • Posters and signs

Report it:

Report Dog Fouling

Call Us:

Call 044-9332226 to report dog fouling.

Green Dog Walkers

Green Dog Walkers (GDW) is a non-confrontational, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling. The philosophy of this campaign is to start changing public attitudes so that it becomes socially unacceptable not to clean up after your dog.  It is a community based scheme that volunteers can adopt and promote in the community.

How it works

Volunteers wear a GDW hi vis vest or carry a bag dispenser (dog collar attachment) that signifies that they have "taken the pledge" to always:

  • Clean up after their dog/s
  • Wear the hi vis vest or carry bag dispenser when walking their dog/s
  • Carry extra dog waste bags
  • Be happy to be approached to "lend" a dog waste bag to those without
  • Be a friendly reminder to other dog walkers to clean up after their dog/s

To sign up

To sign up as an individual or to roll out this initiative in your area contact awareness@westmeathcoco.ie or phone 044 93 32125