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Water Safety

Westmeath Water safety Area Committee is affiliated to Irish Water Safety, the statutory body established to promote water safety in Ireland

Westmeath Water safety Area Committee

At a county level, Westmeath Water Safety educates people in water safety best practices. We develop public awareness campaigns to promote necessary attitudes, rescue skills and behaviour to prevent drowning and water related accidents.
Westmeath Water safety Area Committee can provide water safety training ranging from the Primary Aquatic Water Safety programme (PAWS) to National Pool Lifeguard award and IWS Instructor / Examiner at Athlone Regional Sports Centre or Mullingar Swimming Pool.


Westmeath’s Water Safety Weeks

Westmeath Water safety Area Committee, operate Water Safety Weeks at Easter, in July and in August of each year in the Athlone Regional Sports Centre. Summer swim camps are also held at the Mullingar Swimming Pool.

For details of upcoming water safety courses over the summer months contact

  • Athlone Regional Sports Centre
  • 0906470975
  • Mullingar Swimming Pool on
  • 0449340262