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Mullingar Fire Brigade is located at Zone A, Mullingar Business Park, N91 E782 . The Fire Station is a four bay building with offices, changing areas and a training tower. It is the headquarters of Westmeath Fire Service.

Mullingar Fire Brigade has a Station Officer, three Sub-Station Officers, one driver/mechanic and eleven firefighters. The Station Officer is the only full time person. The firefighters are divided into two crews. Only one crew goes to the small incidents. This means that there is a second crew available if another incident happens. If the indecent is large both crews go to it. If it is a very large indecent, help may also be given by the next nearest available Fire Brigade.

The vehicles in Mullingar Fire Brigade are:

•    Two Fire Engines (Class B appliances).
•    Incident Command Unit for a large scale incident.
•    Hydraulic Platform for high reach rescue and for fighting fires from a height.
•    Emergency Tender for road traffic collisions and special emergencies.
•    Incident Support Unit for road traffic collisions.
•    Water Tanker to bring water to incidents which are not near a water supply.
•    Two Jeeps to carry equipment and personnel.