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Contact Us

Only ever dial 999 or 112 in an emergency.  Use the nearest phone.  You don't need money or phone credit; just lift the receiver and dial. The call is free.
When you dial 999 / 112, the first person you speak to is the emergency operator. Give him/her your phone number or the number you are dialling from and ask for the FIRE SERVICE. After a dialling tone, you will hear... "Fire Service". You are now speaking to Fire Control. The operator will ask for:

  • Your phone number, in case you get cut off and need to be called back.
  • The number or name of the house or flat.
  • The name of the street or road it is on
  • Nearby streets or landmarks to aid directions.
  • The District.
  • The Town.
  • What sort of incident it is - fire, flood, road traffic accident?
  • If it is a fire, is it inside or outside the building?
  • Are there people trapped?

Remember to speak clearly & try not to panic. The call is then processed using the latest technology. We locate the address, identify the nearest available fire brigade and dispatch them to the incident in less than a minute.

Only phone us in an emergency. Every year lives are put at risk by hoax callers. If we are called out unnecessarily, we may be late attending a real emergency.
If using a mobile phone, or if you have to call one of the emergency services in an unfamiliar area, stop & think.

  • Where exactly am I?
  • Do I know the road name or road number? Motorways have blue signs every half kilometre indicating the motorway identification and the location on the motorway.
  • Area or County?
  • Are there any distinct landmarks, e.g. a pub, shop, church?

The prompt calling of the emergency services can save lives, giving the wrong address can cost time. Leave your phone on. We may need to speak to you again.