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The Men on the Move programme is a free, community based ‘beginners’ physical activity programme for inactive adult men that aims to improve the overall health and wellbeing of participants.

It consists of structured group exercise twice a week, two facilitated experiential workshops, a 24-page health information booklet, a pedometer for independent physical activity sessions, weekly phone contact, a customised wallet card to record measures taken.

The core components of the structured group exercise are cardiovascular fitness, and strength and conditioning training. Westmeath LSP will deliver a minimum of 4 ‘Men on the Move’ programmes in targeted areas that have been highlighted by appropriate data relating to participation and health rates. It is hoped to run a virtual version of this programme also.

All training will take place in line with COVID-19 safety procedures to ensure the prevention of the spread of infection and protect the health of all involved. Daily health check questionnaires will be completed by participants involved, all training methods will be managed to ensure control measures are implemented to prevent the spread of infection.