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Live Longer & Prosper Westmeath


Live Longer

This is programme targeted at older people in the community. It will run between quarter 4 of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021, it provides older people with a structured 5 days of information, training and entertainment. Two days will be completed in their locality with 3 days delivered as a group in a local hotel. We expect to deliver in 3 locations each year, with approximately 30 older people participating in the programme in each year.

The Programme has separate but complimentary elements. Each of the elements of the programme will be delivered on the same day, ensuring the participants benefit from separate pieces of work which will positively impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.


Mental Health, lifelong learning and wellbeing

Digital Online Skills Program.

This program will provide participants with a tablet and social media digital skills training over the 5-week period. The potential benefits are vast, due to the forced isolation COVID-19 led to for older people, gaining skills and confidence in using social media platforms as a form of communication can reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation and offer opportunities for staying connected with family and friends.  Other health and wellbeing benefits include: offers opportunities to reconnect with old friends, make new connections with people that share interests and hobbies, facilitates people in raising awareness of issues they encounter and take part in forums dedicated to their needs. Instant access to up to date accurate information regarding rights, entitlements via various apps such as CIC, local radio stations, national active age programmes and service providers.  Lifelong learning and fun are one of the major outputs of taking part in this programme, people will have opportunities for laughter, reminiscing, sharing stories, staying up to date with local, national and global current events and have increased connections, inclusion and in turn wellbeing.

Dementia training

This element is about raising awareness of dementia, supports available for those impacted by dementia, and strategies and supports for people concerned about changes to their memory and cognition. Participants will engage in the Dementia online training course.
1.    Dietary Health -  this element addresses the need for healthy, nutritious and easily made meals through the delivery of guest nutritionist speaker
2.    Physical Health – this element will focus on physical exercise such as chair exercises and stretching exercise and promoting safe and practical exercises that people can do at home.  People will be encouraged to take part in the online exercise sports partnership programme and many others available, having completed the digital skills social media training it is expected more people will be confident to engage in this form of exercise and physical activity.

All training will take place in line with COVID-19 safety procedures to ensure the prevention of the spread of infection and protect the health of all involved. Daily health check questionnaires will be completed by participants involved, all training methods will be managed to ensure control measures are implemented to prevent the spread of infection.