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Community Enhancement Programme 2020 - Closed

The CEP provides funding to communities to enhance facilities in disadvantaged areas, as identified in the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP).
The programme can fund or partially fund larger scale capital projects to address disadvantage. Some funding is ring-fenced to provide small capital grants of €1,000 or less. This is aimed at assisting small grassroots community projects to get off the ground.

What will be funded?

Typical enhancements under the Programme include the renovation of community centres and community amenities, improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces, and the purchase of equipment for community usage. 

The funding covers capital projects only.  In cases where both current and capital works are carried out together, only the capital element can be funded through this Programme.  

Funding could fill in gaps in Local Authority funding and make particular projects viable or improve them. Funding could be applied to speed up and improve projects already identified i.e. those in planning stage or ready to implement.

The following provides a non-exhaustive list of capital projects that could receive funding under this programme:

  • Development/renovation of community centres
  • Once off maintenance of premises. This does not include regular routine maintenance
  • Community amenities
  • Development of youth clubs or facilities
  • Development of sports/recreation facilities
  • Improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces
  • CCTV equipment
  • Public realm improvements
  • Streetscaping
  • Development of play/recreation spaces
  • Energy efficiency type projects
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Adaptations or equipment needed as a result of COVID-19

Target groups

This funding is targeted at measures that stimulate local economies, while enhancing community facilities for individuals and communities that are impacted by disadvantage as identified in the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP).

What level of funding is available?

€5m has been provided nationally with €128,410 allocated to Westmeath LCDC.

  • A minimum of 30% of this allocation will be ring-fenced to fund projects requiring funding of €1,000 and under.
  • It is envisaged that the remainder of the allocation will fund projects of up to €10,000.
  • If the Programme is oversubscribed, all applications fulfilling the conditions may not be successful or offers of funding may be for a lesser amount than that sought by the applicant.
  • In deciding the final allocations of funding to projects, the LCDC may take account of a number of factors including geographical balance and the desirability to fund a variety of different projects
  • See guidelines for further details including selection criteria.

How to apply - Closed for 2020

Please read this document and the Guidelines for 2020 fund under CEP for Community Centres and Community Buildings before you apply

Please complete the Westmeath Application form CEP fund for Community Centres & Community Buildings

Application forms and supporting documentation should be emailed to Westmeath Local 
Community Development Committee (LCDC): dce@westmeathcoco.ie

Closing date 25th September 2020.


For any queries please email dce@westmeathcoco.ie or telephone 04493-32051/ 04493-32217
Further Information on the 2020 CEP is available on the website www.gov.ie

Data Privacy; In order to process your application, it may be necessary for Westmeath LCDC / Westmeath County Council to collect personal data from you. Such information will be processed in line with the Local Authority’s privacy statement or contact our Data Protection & Information Compliance Officer on 0449332136 or email conor.oreilly@westmeathcoco.ie.