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e-Working Centre Mullingar, a smarter work option!

Mullingar e-Working Centre is located on the ground of Áras on Chontae, Mount Street Mullingar. In a convenient town centre location it provides commuters with an opportunity to work closer to home, avail of work space with internet access in an office environment.

The Government publication “Smarter Travel – A Sustainable Transport Future” is designed to show how we can reverse current unsustainable transport and travel patterns and reduce the health and environmental impacts of current trends together with improving our quality of life.
In line with this policy and since September, 2013 Westmeath County Council have made available an e-Working Centre.  This e-Working Centre provides modern office facilities for use by people living in the wider Mullingar area who currently travel to work in Dublin or other locations involving long travel distances.

Using the e-Working Centre will result in many benefits for individuals including substantial time and cost savings for both employee and employer.

Users of the e-Working Centre should be employed within commuting distance of Mullingar and currently use either private or public transport to attend work.  Normal work base location should be at least 20km from Mullingar. 

Employers’ written agreement must be provided together with public liability insurance.


For further information on facilities, availability and details of fees please email local

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Audit of Co-Working Spaces in the Midland Region

The Midlands Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020 was launched on February 6th 2019 Midlands Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020 his plan seeks to increase the potential of the Midland Region to grow business, foster resilience, and create new employment opportunities, ensuring that that a greater number of people both work and live in the Midlands.

A key objective of the plan is: To Enhance the collective offering of the Midlands as a place to live, work and invest in. An audit of Co-Working Space in the Midland Region was conducted as a specifice action under this ojective.

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Audit of Co-Working Spaces in the Midland Region