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Swimming pool

Catering for all swimming needs, all levels, and ages. Includes; swimming classes, aqua aerobics, sauna, public sessions and private pool hire...

* Covid-19 - Due to current Covid-19 Level 5 restrictions the swimming pool is closed.

  • ALWAYS adhere to 2m social distancing from others and staff
  • Only 1 member of the public (or 1 pod) is allowed in the lobby area of Mullingar swimming pool.
  • Please do not enter lobby until you are advised by staff, or it is clear.
  • There is queuing system outside the swimming pool building. Please do not enter the lobby area.
  • Our viewing area is closed and only customers who are swimming will be given access to the changing room (nobody will be permitted to wait in the swimming pool reception.
  • 15 minutes after the public session has started if you have not shown up your place will null and void.
  • A cubical and locker number will be assigned to you and please do not use any other cubical or locker.
  • DO NOT use any other locker or cubical during the session ONLY the one assigned to them.
  • Please wait in cubical until you hear whistle which lets you know session has started.
  • Leave pool re the egress plan.
  • ONLY pre-showers available before swim.
  • No post showers after your swim.
  • No hair dryers allowed on site and no pre-paid hair dryers available.

 ALWAYS follow the direction given from our lifeguards as they are there for everyone’s safety.