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Ukrainian Refugee Supports

Ukrainian: Ukrayinsʹki bizhentsi

Russian : Ukrainskiye bezhentsy

Helpline 1800 805 816 ukrcommunityforum@westmeathcoco.ie

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ireland’s Response to the Ukrainian Crisis:

Information and support for Ukrainian families

If you are a resident with friends and family in Ukraine and need information or support about what is happening please contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Dublin:


The Irish Red Cross is coordinating donations Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal..


If you or your family require accommodation, you should let Immigration Officials know and you will be referred to the International Protection Accommodation Service of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, who will also have staff onsite at the airport. If you don’t require accommodation immediately, you can request it at any time later on.

You will be referred to the International Protection Accommodation Service (who have staff onsite in Dublin Airport) who will provide you with accommodation free of charge.

If you do not need accommodation immediately on your arrival in Ireland (as you may be staying with friends or family already living in Ireland, for example), but need it later on you can request it then.

Please contact the IPAS Helpdesk at ipasinbox@equality.gov.ie and someone will assist you.

Offers of Accommodation should be directed to the Redcross https://registerofpledges.redcross.ie

Westmeath County Council

Social welfare supports

Healthcare Supports

Understanding trauma and supporting the needs of people fleeing war / or persecution

Please find below, links to the recording of the training, short videos screened during the training and a directory of resources.


Please note the recording of the training will be available until the 6th May. CYPSC Information Bulletin - 7th April 2022


Directory of resources was developed to respond to questions asked during the training and is available here.

Mental health services information for Ukrainian nationals

Updated information on mental health services and supports for people from Ukraine is now available in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The following mental health support and services are available to people arriving from Ukraine:

  • Information and self-help resources
  • Counselling
  • Helplines
  • Online support

Find mental health support and services


MyMind Counselling

Children and Young People Supports

Tusla Ukraine Response page

Childcare Support & Development: Muriel Flynn, Manager, Westmeath County Childcare Committee CLG Tel: 044 9335454 mmartin@westmeathchildcare.ie Web: www.westmeathchildcare.ie

Educations Supports

Sports and Community Facilities

School Transport for Ukrainian Children

School principals may apply for transport for Ukrainian children attending their school who are residing in accommodation centres or similar. School principals should complete the information required on the application form attached and return it to their local REALT. The information will be submitted by REALT to School Transport Section of the Department of Education, which will in turn liaise with Bus Eireann in order to provide school transport services as required.

Guide to Childcare

Other Useful Links