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Request a copy of your personal data

Get a copy of your personal data

  •  Download and complete the Subject Access Request form (WORD, 245KB). 
  • Get a scanned copy of your ID (we accept your driving licence, passport, birth certificate, council bill or utility bill). 
  • Send the completed form and copy of your ID to dpo@westmeathcoco.ie

You can also post it to:

DPO Department
Westmeath County Council
Áras An Chontae
Mount Street,
N91 FH4N

  • We'll send you copies of your information. This could be paper records, computer records or other related information.
We might not be able supply you with paper copies of the information if it is not physically possible or would take disproportionate effort. We will still provide the information by email if possible.

Ask for someone else's information

To request information for someone, you need evidence that you have their permission. This could be a written authority to make the request or a power of attorney.

We may release information about children to a parent or carer. The best interests of the child will always be considered.

How long it will take

We will usually get back to you within one month of getting your request. Within one month we will either:

  • send you copies of your information
  • ask you for more information
  • refuse your request (if we think it is 'manifestly unfounded' or 'excessive')


Requesting your data is usually free but we may charge if:

  • you want more copies of the same information
  • we think your request is excessive

We will tell you there will be a charge before we send you the information.

Information we cannot give

We may not be able to give your personal data if you asked for information that:

Contains personal data about someone else

Unless the other person gives their permission, or it is reasonable under the circumstances to provide it without permission, we are entitled to withhold this information.                  

Could risk someone's safety or welfare

If the information could risk someone's safety we will not disclose it without their agreement.                  

There are exemptions for health, social work, and education information if your request is likely to cause serious physical or mental harm to you, or someone else.                  

Is being used to prevent or detect crime

If the police are investigating or prosecuting offences we will ask them whether giving you the information would prejudice their activities. If they think it will, we will not be able to give you the information.

We do not have to give you information that would prejudice us in assessing or collecting council tax.                   

Is exempt

Other exemptions include:

  • disciplinary proceedings against council staff
  • the investigation of complaints of misconduct against council members
  • data processed for research, statistical or historical purposes
  • data that is already available to the public (such as planning permission applications)
  • management forecasting or management planning information
  • confidential references
  • records of intention in relation to negotiations, exam scripts, and legal advice

Complaints and issues

If you are unhappy with our response please contact us by email at dpo@westmeathcoco.ie

You can also get advice about your request from the Data Protection Commissioner's Office. 

Find out how to contact the Data Protection Commission.