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AMD November Meeting 2018

5th November 2018 - Athlone Chamber, Athlone Civic Centre

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Meeting Minutes



                                                                                                                            Civic Centre,

                                                                                                                            Church Street



                                    1st November  2018


To Mayor & Each Member:


A Chara,


You are requested to attend the November Monthly Meeting of Athlone Municipal District which will be held in the Civic Centre, Church Street, Athlone at 3.00p.m. Monday,

5th November 2018.




  1. Votes of congratulations/sympathy.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the October Monthly Meeting held on 1st October 2018 and In Committee meeting of 3rd October 2018.


  1. Matters arising.


  1. To consider the Chief Executive’s report and General Municipal Allocation (GMA) issued under Section 102 (4A)(a) of the Local Government Act 2001  (as amended by the Local Government Reform Act 2014).


      5. To receive a briefing on Community Support funding including the LEADER Programme.


  1. To receive a presentation from Athlone Access Awareness.


  1. Presentation on Athlone Arts and Tourism.


  1. Presentation on European People’s Festival.


  1. To receive an update on the Church St Enhancement project.


  1. Questions: The answers to questions raised will be circulated to each Member.


    11. Correspondence.


  1. Motions:


Cllr John Dolan: “That Athlone Municipal District discusses the Ambulance service in Athlone and invites a HSE representative to discuss the service.”


Cllr John Dolan: “That Athlone Municipal District provides ramps in Roslevin Lawns.”


Cllr John Dolan: “That Athlone Municipal District seeks funding to extend the Church Street enhancement works into Irishtown incorporating the CPO of O’Neill’s site.”


Cllr Ailish McManus “That this Municipal District put a plan in place to  provide for cyclists on the Ballymahon Road from the Sports Centre roundabout to the Greenway.”


Cllr Ailish McManus “That this Municipal District write to the Health Service Executive and request that they remove the H signs outside the hospital in order to minimize confusion.”


Cllr Ailish McManus “That Athlone Municipal District writes to the Minister of Office Public Works and request that funding be provided for flood defences for Athlone Boat Club.”


Cllr Tom Farrell: “That Athlone Municipal District requests Electricity Supply Board Networks to address Athlone Municipal District regarding its plans for the provision of infrastructure to support the increasing number of electric vehicles on Irish roads”


Cllr Tom Farrell: “That Athlone Municipal District erects Heritage Story Boards in relation to The Great Train Robbery which was filmed on the greenway from Moate Station to Streamstown.”


Cllr Tom Farrell: “That Athlone Municipal District cleans the Road Edge from Carmelite Church Moate to the Railway Bridge on Ballymore Road, Moate.”


Cllr Paul Hogan: “That Athlone Municipal District carry out necessary safety works on tree outside 27 Cypress Gardens.”


Cllr Paul Hogan: “In advance of the Local and European Elections 2019, that Athlone Municipal District considers the prohibition of the use of posters and report back to Members by January 2019.”


Cllr Paul Hogan: That the Capital Housing Team at Athlone Municipal District outline the stage each housing proposal is currently at and whether targets set out in the Housing Strategy will be met on time.


Cllr Frankie Keena: That Athlone Municipal District install two ramps in the core of the village of Mount Temple to slow traffic down in the interest of public safety.


Cllr Frankie Keena: “That Athlone Municipal District requests Westmeath County Council to include the provision of group sewerage schemes in both the Coosan rural and Creggan area off the N6 roundabout during the review of the three year group sewerage scheme for 2019 to 2021 to be submitted to the Department.”


Cllr Frankie Keena: “That Athlone Municipal District provides an appropriate traffic management system at Clonbonny National School in the interest of public safety as this road is being used during peak times as a short cut to avoid traffic congestion at Kilmartin's N6 Roundabout.”


Cllr Aengus O’Rourke: “For this Municipal District to engage with St.Francis Football Club with a view to Westmeath County Council entering into a long term lease arrangement with the club, for the use of the Iona Park football grounds.”


Cllr Aengus O’Rourke: “For Westmeath County Council Transport Section to assess the current road layout on the old Dublin Road from the Birr turn to Kilmartin's roundabout in order to provide a new arrangement that will ease the heavy daily congestion (at peak times) being experienced by road users on this stretch of road.”


Cllr Aengus O’Rourke “For this Municipal District to write to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to make a case for the development of a centralised and national online voter register. “


Cllr Michael O’Brien: “That Athlone Municipal District write to An Taoiseach calling for the Presidential term to be reduced from 7 to 5 years, and that the salary be reduced to that received by a TD.”


Cllr Michael O’Brien: “That Athlone Municipal District erect signage for all streets and roads in towns within the District.”


Cllr Michael O’Brien: “That Athlone Municipal District carry out a review of all footpaths in Moate Town with a view to carrying out an upgrade programme.”


  1. AOB


Mise le meas,


Frank Dolan

District Administrator

Athlone Municipal District


09064 42113