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AMD November 2016 Monthly Meeting

07/11/2016 15:00 - Athlone Chambers

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Meeting Minutes



                                                                                                                  Civic Centre,

                                                                                                                  Church Street


 2nd November 2016


To Mayor & Each Member:


A Chara,

You are requested to attend the November Monthly Meeting of Athlone Municipal District which will be held in the Civic Centre, Church Street, Athlone at 3.00p.m. Monday, 7th November 2016.



  1. Votes of congratulations/sympathy.
  1. To approve the Minutes of October Monthly Meeting held on 3rd October 2016.
  1. Matters arising.
  1. To consider the Chief Executive’s report and General Municipal Allocation (GMA) issued under Section 102 (4A)(a) of the Local Government Act 2001  (as amended by the Local Government Reform Act 2014).
  1. To receive a report on Flood Preparation Plans for winter 2016 /2017
  1. To Approve Community Grants 2016 for Tidy Towns
  1. To Approve Community Grants 2016 for Residents Associations
  1. To Approve Community Grants 2016 for Community Action Schemes
  1. To Approve Community Grants 2016 for Christmas Lights – upgrade
  1. To agree date and location for turning on Christmas Lights
  1. To receive a Report on the Acquisition of Lands for the Railway Field Road.
  1. To consider recommendations from Parking Sub-Committee.
  1. Questions: The answers to questions raised will be circulated to each Member.
  1. Correspondence.
  1. Motions:

a)   Cllr. T. Farrell:

“That this Municipal District support communities in towns and rural areas in their applications for CCTV grants under the Rural Development Fund”

b)  Cllr. T. Farrell:

“That this District re-line the crossroads at Ballykilduff Bridge and Dundrum Cross in the interest of traffic safety”

c)  Cllr. T. Farrell:

“Under the Village Renewal Scheme could this Municipal District consider re-instating the footpath at the corner of Ballymore Village to McCormack’s Pub”

d)  Cllr. J. Dolan:

“That this Municipal District writes to the Minister for the O.P.W. requesting that a grant scheme for the provision of the flood defences for rural properties be introduced immediately”

e)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

“That this Municipal District either CPO or inspects the block containing 9 and 10 St. Mary’s Place under the Dangerous Structures Act and report urgently on their condition”

f)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

“That this Municipal District installs a speed ramp approaching the National School in Ballinahown from Clonmacnoise”

g)  Cllr. M. O’Brien:

“That Athlone Municipal District explores the possibility of using REDZ funding for the provision of a Tourist Train from Moate to Athlone”

h) Cllr. M. O’Brien:

“That Athlone Municipal District implements safety improvements at the  motorist/pedestrian interface at the Riverpark/Main Street junction in Moate in the interest of public safety”

i)  Cllr. M. O’Brien:

“That Athlone Municipal District includes the L54031 for works in the 2017 cul de sacs programme.

j)  Cllr. A. McManus:

“That Athlone Municipal District investigates the possibility of placing an anti-slip surface on Friary Lane and an additional hand-rail”

k)  Cllr. A. McManus:

“That Athlone Municipal District writes to Irish Water to enquire about the possibility of extending the Glasson Sewerage Scheme into Cornamagh, Garnafailagh and Coosan”

 l)  Cllr. A. McManus:

“Can this Municipal District consider replacing the footpaths in Bloomfield Drive in the context of Budget 2017”

m) Cllr. F. Keena:

“That Athlone Municipal District acknowledge the ongoing work carried out by the Tony Parker Foundation in purchasing & providing public access defibrillators and that this District identify a location in the core of the town where their hundredth defibrillator can be located”

n)  Cllr. F. Keena:

“That Athlone Municipal District requests WCC's Road Design team to consider alternative route options if and when they start designing the link road to Garrycastle rather than directing this new road through Brawny estate”

o)  Cllr. F. Keena:

“That this Municipal District considers developing a loop shuttle service between Athlone, Clonmacnoise, Ballinahown and Moate utilising both road and the old railway track parallel to the greenway in order to develop and promote tourism and rural links”

p)  Cllr. P. Hogan:

“That Athlone Municipal District writes to Mr. Joe Ruane, HSE Manager, enquiring when will work commence on St. Vincent's Long Term Residential Care Centre and whether the commitment of March 2017 for return of residents, will be honoured”

q)  Cllr. P. Hogan:

“That Athlone Municipal District informs the Members as to the number of derelict sites in the area and what plan is in place to combat the problem”

r)  Cllr. P. Hogan:

“That Athlone Municipal District when purchasing property to cater specifically for people with disabilities ensures that the house is disability friendly, particularly for people who are dependent on wheelchairs”

s)  Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“In light of the extremely high vacancy levels in both commercial and residential properties on Connaught Street and Pearse Street, that Westmeath County Council would immediately engage with all stake holders to examine options regarding regeneration and incentives to assist in rebuilding and reusing these once vibrant commercial streets”

t)  Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“For this Municipal District to make a strong case to Irish Water to have the houses along the Ballymahon Road connected to the new water main without further delay”

u)  Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“For this Municipal District to give consideration to the idea of a bridge over the Ballymahon Road rather than a pedestrian crossing where the new cycleway crosses this very busy commuter artery in and out of Athlone”


  1. A.O.B.




Mise le meas,



Pat Keating

District Manager

Athlone Municipal District


09064 42152