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AMD March 2016 Monthly Meeting

07/03/2016 14:00 - Athlone Chambers

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Meeting Minutes



                                                                                                                 Civic Centre,

                                                                                                                 Church Street



 2nd March 2016

To Mayor & Each Member


A Chara,

You are requested to attend the Monthly Meeting of Athlone Municipal District which will be held in the Civic Centre, Church Street, Athlone at 2.00p.m. Monday, 7th March 2016



  1. Votes of congratulations / sympathy.
  1. To approve the Minutes of February Monthly Meeting held on 1st February 2016
  1. Matters arising.
  1. To receive a presentation from Athlone Community College on Rewetted and Drained Bogs, C02 Emissions and Botanical composition.
  1. To Receive a Deputation and Consider a Submission from Athlone Electoral Area Public Participation Network.

2016 PPN Submission

  1. To receive a report on Local Improvement Schemes for private roads and additional funding for cul-de-sacs that are in the charge of Westmeath County Council.
  1. To consider and approve grants from the Festival and Event fund
  1. To Receive a Report on Flooding in the Athlone District from December 2015 to January 2016
  1. Questions: The answers to questions raised will be circulated to each Member.


  1. Motions:


a)   Cllr. T. Farrell:

“That this Municipal District arranges a meeting with Coillte to provide nature walks through the forested areas of the District eg. Carn Park which would be very suitable for a scheme of this sort”

b)   Cllr. T. Farrell:

“That this Municipal District requests Irish Water to upgrade the water system at Shurrock, Moate, because of serious faults in recent times, with some households being left without any water”

c)   Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“For this Municipal District to write to the incoming Minister for Finance and the Charities Regulator calling on them to introduce pay ceilings for higher posts across the Charities sector and in particular for CEO posts”

d)  Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“That this Municipal District to be given a presentation by our Housing Section on the provision of Traveller accommodation in this District and County, to include all aspects of the service provided by Westmeath County Council relating to Traveller accommodation”

e)  Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

“For this Municipal District to identify public outdoor areas in the Athlone urban area where free Wi-Fi might be provided by this District to the public in order to enhance the experience of our business and tourism visitors, to serve the community and to facilitate the growing demand for information from a news and educational perspective”   

f)   Cllr.  J. Dolan:

      “That this Municipal District requests that Irish Water to provide funding for the replacement of the water main at Fardrum”

g)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

“That this Municipal District conducts a speed survey at Assumption Road to assess the need for additional speed ramps”

h)   Cllr. J. Dolan:

“That this Municipal District requests an updated streetscape plan for Moate”

i)   Cllr. M. O’Brien:        

“That Athlone Municipal District installs a footpath from Clara Road to Hogan Park in Moate in the interest of public safety”

j)   Cllr. M. O’Brien:

“That Athlone Municipal District asks the Littler Warden to organise the clean up of illegal dumping in Rosemount, Hall Road, Moate and Ballymore Road, Moate” 

k)  Cllr. M. O’Brien:

That Athlone Municipal District introduces a painting grant for street traders in Moate and Athlone in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of shop fronts”

l)   Cllr. F. Keena:

“That this Municipal District discusses the need to complete the access to the Greenway at Glynwood”

m)  Cllr. F. Keena:

“That this Municipal District writes to the IDA to request them to increase their land holding in Athlone in the interest of further job creation”

n)   Cllr. F. Keena:

“That this Municipal District identifies public infrastructure within its area for naming after those people from the Athlone and surrounding areas who took part in the 1916 Rising”


  1. A.O.B.



Mise le meas,


Pat Keating

District Manager

Athlone Municipal District


09064 42152