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AMD Agenda February 2016 Monthly Meeting

01/02/2016 14:00 - Athlone Chambers

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Meeting Minutes



                                                                                                           Civic Centre,

                                                                                                           Church Street



    27th January 2016



To Mayor & Each Member:




A Chara,


You are requested to attend the Monthly Meeting of Athlone Municipal District which will be held in the Civic Centre, Church Street, Athlone at 2.00p.m. Monday, 1st February 2016



  1. Votes of congratulations/sympathy.


  1. To approve the Minutes of:

         Monthly Meeting held on 11th January 2016

Minutes AMD Jan 16 Meeting

        In committee meeting held on October 5th 2015 and

Minutes in com meeting 5 Oct 2015

        In committee meeting held on 22nd January 2016.

Minutes in com 22 Jan 2016


  1. Matters arising.


  1. To Receive a Presentation from Iarnrod Eireann re Athlone services.


      5. To Consider Proposal for Review of Speed Limits in 2016

Review of Speed Limits


      6. To Consider and Approve the Schedule of Municipal District Works for Athlone Municipal District for 2016


  1. Questions: The answers to questions raised will be circulated to each Member.


     8. Correspondence.


  1. Motions:

a)  Cllr. T. Farrell:

     “That this Municipal District carries out all necessary road repairs following the floods, as soon as funding is received from the Government”

b)      Cllr. T. Farrell:

     “That this District and the NRA carry out immediate road works to alleviate the serious flooding of the whole road at the entrance to Tubberclaire   GAA.”

c)      Cllr. T. Farrell: 

         “That this District carries out a safety review at Ballymore Church car park.

d)     Cllr. J. Dolan:

       “That this Municipal District includes the Ridge Road, Moate between the Ballymore and Rosemount Roads in the 2016 Roads Programme.

e)      Cllr. J. Dolan:

       “That this Municipal District discusses the implementation of the 2016 housing adaptation grants and how this scheme could be started earlier”

f)       Cllr. J. Dolan:

       “That this Municipal District includes the Bolinara Road, Castledaly in this year’s Roads Programme”

g)      Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

       “For this Municipal District make a case to Irish Water for immediate investment in Clonbrusk West, Athlone to rehabilitate the old mains water pipes”

h)      Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

       “For this Municipal District to consider ring fencing the funding that derives from car parking in the Athlone Municipal District for capital projects in this area from 2017”                               

i)        Cllr. A. O’Rourke:

       “For this Municipal District to install digital road speed display signs on the outskirts of Ballymore Village on the Mullingar side”

j)    Cllr. P. Hogan:

     “Given the fact that the anti-malarial drug Lariam is to be withdrawn from the Irish market from July 31st that this Municipal District writes to the    Department of Defence requesting a compensation scheme be initiated to any soldier who has experienced any adverse psychological effects and negative impacts on their life and wellbeing from taking this anti-malarial drug”

k)   Cllr. P. Hogan:

      “In this the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, that Athlone Municipal District officially names five currently unnamed roads after the leaders of the 1916 Rising who are currently not recognised in this way in Athlone”

l)    Cllr. P. Hogan:

“In light of the recent flooding, that Athlone Municipal District writes to the Government calling for the initiation of a river maintenance programme of the Shannon”

m)    Cllr. F. Keena:

“That Athlone Municipal District discusses the need to provide a public mains sewer along the Bullet Road.

n)      Cllr. F. Keena:

        “That Athlone Municipal District provides money in the 2016 roads and footpath programme to repair footpaths in Mayfield Grove”

o)      Cllr. K. Keena:

       “That Athlone Municipal District discusses the proposal by Minister Aodhan O'Riordan to introduce injection rooms into Ireland and also to decriminalise the use of drugs.

p)      Cllr. M. O’Brien:

       “That Athlone Municipal District makes safe the trees on the side of the road in the Killinahinch/Ballinderry area on the Rosemount Road in Moate”

q)      Cllr. M. O’Brien:

“That Athlone Municipal District appoints an additional litter warden to the Moate/Athlone area in order to address the ongoing problem of illegal dumping and dog fouling” 


  1. A.O.B.


Mise le meas,


Gerard McCormack

District Administrator

Athlone Municipal District


Tel. 09064 42113


 AMD Agenda in committee meeting Feb 16