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Light up for Road Safety on World Remembrance Day

Westmeath County Council together with those of other local authorities across Ireland will ‘light up for road safety’ as part of this year's ‘World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims’ on Sunday 15 November.

Local Authority Road Safety Officers are asking the public to get involved and ‘light up’ or ‘shine a light’ to remember crash victims, survivors, their families and those on the frontline who respond to collisions. Businesses and other organisations are also being encouraged to show their support as part of this national campaign

Members of the public are being asked to join in and ‘shine a light’ on the evening of Sunday 15 November between 7pm and 8pm to remember those in their community who have died on the roads.

Every year crash victims are remembered on the third Sunday in November and this year, with everything else going on in the world, road safety stakeholders are not forgetting those who have died on the roads. With an increase in people out walking, cycling and going from place to place, road safety is more important now more than ever before and road safety officers are asking the public to join them to ‘light up’ and shine a light for road safety and remember those who have died or were injured on the roads.

Families of crash victims never forget their loved ones who have died on the road, and this particular day is an opportunity annually, for everyone to remember road rash victims and to think of the consequences around a collision, and what might happen if anyone is involved in a collision. Organisers are hoping the public and business sector will get involved and support this year’s event by lighting up for road safety.

Gardaí, firefighters and paramedics respond to collisions every day and witness first-hand the consequences of a collision. Garda, fire and ambulance stations will also shine a light as emergency vehicles will turn on their blue lights outside respective stations for a period between 7pm and 8pm.

On this important day, bereaved families and the seriously injured come together to acknowledge the terrible toll of road deaths and injuries and to show our thanks for the work of the emergency services, you too can show your support by participating in this event.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 12/11/2020