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Lead Remediation Grant

Information for homeowners on the replacemet of water supply pipes made of lead.

Purpose of Grant

The scheme is available to assist owners of premises connected to a domestic water suply with the costs of replacing lead piping or related fittings located within the internal distribution system of the premises. The premises concerned must be occupied by the applicant as his or her principal private residence.

In advance of applying for a grant, the home owner must:

 a) be in receipt of a notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead plumbing (pipes and fittings) within the curtilage of the premises or  

 b) hold a certificate issued within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory with accreditation for testing for lead in drinking water, showing a parametric value for  lead in the water supply at the premises which exceeds the statutory limit, currently 10μg/l (10 micrograms per litre). The issuing laboratory must be accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB)

The level of grant aid available is determined on the basis of gross household income and is either 80% or 50% of the approved cost of the works.  The table below sets out the level of grant available based on income in the previous tax year.

Application form can be downloaded from our Application Forms section.