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Business Tips

Tips for Business.

Whatever the nature of your business, often simple changes in behaviour or processes can save water and reduce your water bill. These water savings can also result in energy savings if heated or treated water use is also reduced.

Top Tips

  • Appoint a member of staff to monitor water use and identify water-saving measures, i.e. through regular site checks and meter readings
  • Check your meter location and supplies it measures
  • Check your meter reading regularly - for larger sites you could consider data logging key metered supplies to support this
  • Develop a water management plan for your site
  • Educate employees about implementing water saving measures
  • Ensure new equipment is water and energy efficient - it will pay off in the long term
  • Fit sub-meters across your site to identify areas of high use
  • Fit water-efficient devices i.e. push taps, low-flush toilets, flow regulators or restricters. The payback can be as little as five weeks
  • Fix dripping taps and leaks as quickly as possible
  • Get buy-in from management and involve employees with responsibility for facilities, finance and operations in water-saving measures from the start
  • Install a hippo or save-a-flush device in toilets to reduce water use
  • Invest in alternative water sources i.e. Rainwater Harvesting
  • Lag your pipes to reduce leaks in cold weather
  • Reduce urinal flushing by fitting a urinal control
  • Review your plans to reduce water at least once a year
  • Use treated waste water for industrial uses, toilets and irrigation which will reduce drinking water use and save you money

Action Plan

This simple action plan is a great start to help take control of your water use.

Review your bills and meter readings

A billing changing from one period to the next, when there there hasn't been any changes on site should be a prompt for you to consider what else might have changes on site  such as a leak or are you unaware of a piece of equipment running for longer than necessary? A simple way to check for leaks or unknown use is to take regular meter readings over a period when no water should be running, such as the weekend or overnight.

Know your business

Think about where you use most of the water in your business - these are the key areas to target to reduce your consumption. Producing a sketch of your site, showing the water use in different areas will also help you to do this. Compare this information with the volume of water recorded on your meter to undertake a simple water balance for your site.

Include your employees

Your employees are key to efficient water use, it is often their behaviour that can influence water use the most. Pay particular attention to how water is used in wash-down areas and kitchens - hoses and taps left running can use significant amounts quickly.

Invest in water-saving products

Simply having the right fittings and appliances can save huge amounts of water. Try to invest in water-saving products - many have short payback periods. A quick win can often be achieved by fitting cistern displacement devices in appropriate toilets. If you are a Westmeath County Council customer you can order yours today.