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Water conservation

The Water conservation Unit works to reduce the current unacceptably high level of water loss on the 1200 km of distribution mains throughout the county.

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What we do?

The council recognises that too much of the water it pumps, treats and distributes each year is lost by leakage from distribution mains.

What you can do?

Small holes in a half-inch pipe can waste over 10,000 gallons per day! Find out what you can do to safe water.

How can we help you?

Water services can help a business to plan their water needs and requirements so that a business can operate to their full potential using a high quality product.

Domestic Household Tips

Tips for saving water in the household.

Business Tips

Tips for Business.

Agriculture Tips

Tips for saving water in agriculture

Schools Water Audit

Information for homeowners on the replacement of water supply pipes made of lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on how to do a Water Audit at your School

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