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Rural water programme

Information about the Rural Water Programme administration

The Rural Water Programme facilitates the develop­ment of water services in rural areas of the County. The responsibility for the implementation of the rural water programme was devolved to Westmeath County Council in 1997.  The Rural Water programme deals with Group Water Schemes, Group Sewerage Schemes, Subsidy Grants towards operational costs of Group Water Schemes and Individual Well Grants.

Grants for New Group Water Schemes and Upgrade of existing Group Water Schemes

The grant available for new schemes or extension or upgrading of existing group schemes is 85% of the approved cost subject to a cost limit of €7,650 per house, subject also to the Department of Housing, Planning,  Community and Local Government's annual allocation.

Grants for New Group Sewerage Schemes

A grant of up to 75% of cost subject to a maximum grant of €6,750 per house is available where a number of households provide a shared sewage collection/disposal system, subject also to the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government's annual allocation

Takeover of group schemes

A group water scheme may apply to have their scheme taken in charge by Irish Water via Westmeath County Council. A grant of up to 100% of the total cost of any required upgrade works may be made available on review by the council.

Subsidy Grant towards the operation of Group Water Schemes

An annual subsidy grant is payable towards the operating costs of providing water for domestic use to a group water supply scheme which meets the conditions of the subsidy scheme is subject to a limit of:

For 2015 expenditure:

  • €40.00 for each house supplied from a local authority source
  • €95.00 for each house supplied from a private source

Full details of the grant, procedure and application form are set out in the Explanatory Memorandum.

Individual Water Supply Grant Scheme

A grant of up to 75% of cost, subject to a maximum grant of €2,031.58 (whichever is the lesser amount) is available for upgrading a private individual water supply where no alternative group or public supply is available.