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N53 Hackballscross to Rassan


Westmeath County Council in partnership with Louth County Council is developing a scheme for the improvement of the N53 between Hackballscross and Rassan Co Louth.

The scheme is currently at Route Selection Phase.


Emerging Preferred Route Option

Five route options were put on display at a public consultation meeting in April 2019. In October 2019, following further assessment, these route options were refined down to one emerging preferred route option.

The route options have undergone a further detailed appraisal process in order to determine the emerging preferred route option. As a result of this appraisal the Emerging Preferred Route for the N53 Hackballscross to Rassan was put on display at the 3rd Public Consultation meeting held on the 2nd of October

Drawings showing the Emerging Preferred Route Option along with previous drawings showing route options and constraints are now available to download from the links below.

The brochure and feedback form in relation to this Emerging Preferred Route Option are also available below. The public were initially asked to submit any feedback by Wed 16th October 2019 in order that the design team can process the information received. 

The submissions time has been extended to Wed 30th October 2019


Further information can be requested by contacting the design team at:

Westmeath National Roads Office,
Culleen Beg,
Co. Westmeath.


Releated Documents:

N53 Hackballscross to Rassan Information Brochure

N53 Hackballscross to Rassan Comments Form

N53 Hackballscross to Rassan Emerging Preferred Route Option

N53 Hackballscross to Rassan Route Options with Constraints