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Car parks in Mullingar

Mullingar Town operates a Pay and Display parking system and its functional area is divided into Zones which are indicated on pay and display parking ticket machines and/or information signs. The following are the fees associated with each Zone.

The Traffic Wardens will allow a grace period of no longer than 15 minutes prior to the purchase of a parking disc to allow vehicle owners to obtain correct change, etc. and it should be noted that this is strictly monitored by the Wardens.

A ticket purchased in Zone B (all day car park) can be used in Zone A (on street) and Zone D (max 2 hour stay car park), for a max of 2 hours from the time of purchase.

Car park maps

Parking Permits

Various parking permits are available as follows:

Annual Employee Permits – these permits are available to employers or employees of businesses operating in Mullingar Town and are only available for specific locations as designated by the Council. The current locations are Harbour Street Car Park; Friar’s Mill Road Car Park (opposite Buckley’s Car Park) and McCurtain Street Car Park (at St. Joseph’s Cottages). The fee for an Employee Permit is €200 for payment in full prior to issue of permit or €20 per month by Standing Order.

Residents Permits – these are permits available to those whose normal place of residence is in a location which forms part of a paid parking zone. Only one permit shall be issued for a street parking area and additional residents may be catered for in the nearest Council controlled car park. The fee for a Resident’s Permit is €25 per annum payable prior to the issue of the permit.

Monthly Permits – these permits are available for the same designated car parks as employee permits (outlined above) and would be suitable for those in, e.g., short term employment. The fee for a monthly permit is €25 per month payable prior to issue of permit.

Any enquiries in relation to paid parking for Mullingar Town should be made to the Mullingar Area Office at (044) 9332030