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Documentary – ‘Wreckage and Ruin’: scenes from a civil war

The forty-five minute audio documentary, researched and written by Dr Ian Kenneally and produced by Midlands 103, looks at four stories from Westmeath and the midlands during the Irish Civil War: an ambush in Glasson in August 1922; the shooting of Patrick Mulrennan in October 1922; the civil war diaries of Alice Ginnell; and the state-sanctioned executions that took place in Athlone’s Custume Barracks on 20 January 1923. It also contains a never-before broadcast interview related to those executions. The documentary can be found here on Spotify.

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Apart from the documentary, podcast episodes covering topics such as Laurence Ginnell, Eileen McGrane, Charles Howard Bury, Alice Ginnell and the Athlone/south Roscommon area during the Irish Revolution can also be found on Spotify at anchor.fm/wcchistorian.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 28/04/2023