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Online classes

Why not learn something new today? Universal Class™ offers hundreds of affordable online CE classes facilitated by dedicated instructors sharing their knowledge on almost any imaginable topic.

Join us today, and let's start learning together.

Universal Class offers a wide range of over 500 courses, including Yoga, Digital Photography, Computer Basics, Excel, and Accounting & Bookkeeping. It allows you  to learn in your own time, at your own pace, with expert instructors giving continual feedback.

Please register for this service by using your library barcode and by completing the registration form.

Registration: http://LGMA.universalclass.com/register.htm

Main Website:  http://LGMA.universalclass.com

To register simply enter your library barcode and hit “go”

You will then be asked to register.  Pick a username and password, and fill out the form asking you for your email address, name, country and other details.

Congratulations, you can now sign up to classes.