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Athlone Town Council

Athlone Town Crest

The coat-of-arms of Athlone as described in ‘The Book of public arms’ by A.C. Fox-Davies and M.E.B. Crooks (Edinburgh, 1894) p14 corresponds with the details on the official seal of the Corporation of Athlone details of which survive and are dated 1663.  This is the earliest known use of the coat-of-arms for Athlone.

The coat-of-arms has never been registered in the Chief Heralds Office in Dublin or in the College of Arms in London and yet it has been used intermittently for 350 years.

The heraldic description is: Gules, a lion passant guardant, on chief of the last two roses of the field slipped and leaved vert, with the motto ‘Urbes stant legibus’ (A city stands by its laws).

The use of the symbolism of a lion passant and the roses reflect the history of the 17th century when Ireland was under British rule.

Heraldic description explained:

Gules = red

A lion passant = describes a lion (or leopard) shown walking with the right fore paw raised and the others on the ground, it is often referred to as the ‘lion of England’ as three such lions are shown on the Royal Arms

Guardant = indicates that the animal has its head turned to face the viewer

On chief = a chief is a charge on the coat-of-arms that takes the form of a band running horizontally across the top edge of the shield

Roses = a common heraldic symbol, in this case being ‘slipped and leaved’ simply means that they are rose blooms cut with leaves still attached and ‘vert’ means that the leaves and stem are green.

(The background colour of the shield is red below with the lion in gold, the colours are reversed in the upper band where the roses are shown as red on a gold ground with the leaves and stem in green).‌

Chairpersons Atlone Town Council

Date Chairperson Date Chairperson Date Chairperson
1900 James J. Coen 1938 Michael Broderick 1976 Desmond Lynch
1901 Michael Geoghegan 1939 William Cunniffe 1977 J. Crehan
1902 Robert Baile 1940 Michael Broderick 1978 Cieran Temple
1903 John Hunt 1941 James J. Fitzpatrick 1979 Sean Fallon
1904 James J. Coen 1942 William Walsh 1980 Mary O'Rourke
1905 John Burgess 1943 P.J.Lenihan 1981 Sean Fallon
1906 Robert Baile 1944 P.J.Lenihan 1982 Padraic Dunne
1907 Michael Hughes 1945 P.J.Lenihan 1983 Cieran Temple
1908 Michael Lennon 1946 P.J.Lenihan 1984 Mary O'Rourke
1909 John Burgess 1947 P.J.Lenihan 1985 Sean Fallon
1910 James J. Coen 1948 P.J.Lenihan 1986 Mary O'Rourke
1911 Michael Geoghegan 1949 P.J.Lenihan 1987 Breffni Rowan
1912 Michael Lennon 1950 J. Wheatley 1988 Cieran Temple
1913 Michael Hogan 1951 J. Wheatley 1989 Kieran Molloy
1914 Owen J. Dolan 1952 F.J. Waters 1990 Cieran Temple
1915 Henry Connell 1953 A. Faulkner 1991 John Butler
1916 James J. Coen 1954 T. Darcy 1992 Breffni Rowan
1917 John Burgess 1955 Frank Brennan 1993 Kieran Molloy
1918 James Campbell 1956 M. Heavey 1994 John Butler
1919 Michael Hughes 1957 T. Fahy 1995 Cieran Temple
1920 James J. Coen 1958 P.J. Hogan 1996 Breffni Rowan
1921 James J. Coen 1959 Thomas Kilroy 1997 Kieran Molloy
1922 M.J.Hughes 1960 T. Darcy 1998 Brendan McFadden
1923 M.J.Hughes 1961 A. Faulkner 1999 Frankie Keena
1924 M.J.Hughes 1962 F. Waters 2000 John Butler
1925 James J. Coen 1963 T.Fahy 2001 Egbert Moran
1926 James J. Coen 1964 F. Waters 2002 Kieran Molloy
1927 M.J. Hughes 1965 M. Heavey 2003 Kevin Moran
1928 H. Broderick 1966 M. Heavey 2004 Austin Berry
1929 J. Fitzpatrick 1967 T. Darcy 2005 Kieran Molloy
1930 W. Walsh 1968 George Allen 2006 John Butler
1931 Stephen J. McCrann 1969 T. Fahy 2007 Paul Hogan
1932 John Grenham 1970 P. Russell 2008 Egbert Moran
1933 James Horan 1971 T. Kilroy 2009 Mark Cooney
1934 H. Broderick 1972 John Keenahan 2010 Sheila Buckley Byrne
1935 J. Fitzpatrick 1973 J. Crehan 2011 Alan Shaw
1936 Peter J. O'Connor 1974 George Allen 2012 Jim Henson
1937 Edward Gorry 1975 John Keenahan 2013 Gabrielle McFadden

Dissolved in 2014