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Policy and Strategy

Councils are required to include in their development plans a housing strategy to provide for the existing and future population of their area. This sets out the strategies and policies which Westmeath County Council intends to follow over the period of current County Development Plan in order to realise the vision and corporate aims of the Council and to fulfil its obligations in the area of housing provision.

Housing Strategy CDP 2021 to 2027 Appendix 1 Housing Strategy

Anti Social Behaviour Policy

Managing Local Authority estates can be challenging, especially dealing with the problem of anti-social behaviour. We are committed to the prevention of anti-social behaviour in its estates and take proactive approach to the problem. All complaints will be investigated, and every effort will be made to resolve the issues. If reporting anti-social behaviour please do so in writing. The policy may be viewed below.

Anti Social Behaviour Policy – ASB Policy adopted 2017

Housing Allocation Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to provide a means for determining the order of priority to be accorded in letting of the Council’s dwellings to persons whose needs has been established by the Council through their inclusion in the most recent assessment of housing needs, or their acceptance afterwards for inclusion in the next such assessment. Existing tenants who wish to transfer from their existing tenancy are also covered by terms of the Scheme.

Housing Allocation Scheme - Adopted June 2022

Traveller Accommodation Programme

This a 5-year programme to meet the existing and projected accommodation needs of Travellers in the County. The current programme was put in place in 2019. During the life of previous programmes, all objectives and targets were exceeded including the provision of accommodation, the upgrading of Blackberry Lane Halting Site, Athlone and Michaels Park Halting Site, Mullingar, the recruitment of a Housing Welfare Officer and a Community Worker for Travellers. A Local Consultative Committee was also appointed to advise the Council on the matter of Traveller accommodation.

Traveller Accommodation Plan – Adopted TAP 2019-2024

Housing Rent Scheme

Rents in all houses are based on the Differential Rent Scheme as updated. This means that the rent is based on your ability to pay, so if your income is low, your rent will be low; and if your income increases, so will your rent. The income of any other members of your household will be added to the rent calculation and there may be deductions for any children in your family.

Differential Rent Scheme – CE 477-2018 Differential Rent Scheme 2019

Midlands Regional Homeless Action Plan

The Midlands regional homeless action plan was adopted in 2010 to address the issue of homelessness in midland counties of Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath.

Midlands Region Homelessness Action Plan  

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